Avoid of information overload

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DevOps board do it's best and tries to deduplicate the same issues, thus you will get a single issue with high "Times repeated" value found on the same environment and product version. But there is a possibility to get huge flow of incidents when using proactive errors and exceptions handling.

  • Build with a bug can affect many environments used.
  • Specific environment issue with different data is raised in the loop.
  • Some 3rd party component contains a bug you didn't found yet.

Automatic actions is the feature can help you classify and prioritize incidents found on customer's side. Just open an incident you have idea how to classify. Select "Create -> Auto action" and specify attributes details will be used as pattern to identify incidents of such kind. For example, you can set high priority to all incidents related to null pointers or like that. On the other hand you can set low priority to incidents generated by 3rd party component.

Incidents with high priority should be resolved first. Other incidents inform you it would be better to look there when there will be time.

Evgeny Savitsky